Magic: The Gathering eyes Live Arcade

Wizards to expand brand.

Wizards of the Coast has said it plans to do a Magic: The Gathering game for Live Arcade.

Stainless Games (of Carmageddon fame) will be making it and, although it's too early for specific details, it will presumably be based around battling your friends with a fantasy-themed deck of cards. Some people do this in real life.

Those of you with a PC will be able to enjoy it too, as well as another Magic: The Gathering game being made by Mind-Control Software.

There's chatter on the Internet that both will somehow bolster the Magic Online game that has about 350,000 active users, although we can find no evidence to back this up.

"We're excited to bring the Magic brand to new platforms and give our fans new ways to experience this great property," said Jared Gustafson, brand wizard for Magic: The Gathering.

"It's partnerships like these that will advance the strategy games category and transform it to meet the needs and desires of today's digital gamers."

We'll let you know more when we do.

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