Madden NFL 08 Reader Review

The Madden NFL series needs no intoduction. A series that has been around for years but has come under criticism in recent years like other EA Sports titles and rightly so.

The main new feature in this year's Madden game is the weapons feature. With this, at the line of scrimmage you will be able to determine who your offensive and defensive playmakers are respectively. So for instance you might have a Peyton Manning at quarterback which will give you the edge on reading defensive alignments making him a smart QB. There are many types of weapons from power defensive lineman to surehanded recievers. This is a good addition to the Madden series on the whole although you may find the icons somewhat intrusive.

The usual foray of modes are in the game including franchise and superstar mode. Neither has really been improved much from last year with superstar mode having an "improved" camera angle but that dosen't change the fact that it's a pretty boring game mode. As for the franchise mode you can now relocate your team and hire and fire coaches but it's still not up to the level of previous-gen consoles. Plus it features an annoying bug in which you train players and the game freezes between loading screens. Making you restart the console which you could argue is Sony's fault but I put the blame on EA don't they have game testers?

The Playstation 3 version runs at 30fps also opposed to the Xbox 360's 60fps. I didn't find it to be that much of a problem but side by side there's obviously a difference. The game also suffers some slowdown now and again but it's not game breaking.

Madden NFL 08 is not worth buying with nothing more than a roster update and one or two new features. As I've said before if you get Madden for the time being you're better getting it on an Xbox, PS2 or even Wii which is said to be good. Madden has been dissapointing for a few years now and this continues the trend. This is the only NFL game on the market but there are other american football games like NCAA 08 worth importing.

6 / 10

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