Love reveals first expansion AVAIL

Adds player progression, resources.

The creator of arty MMO Love has revealed its first major expansion, called AVAIL, which introduces player progression and resource gathering.

"AVAIL will add character progression but in a way that is very different from how other games implement it," wrote creator Eskil Steenberg on the Love blog.

"While there are no classes, players do take on different roles while playing, and the game should acknowledge that. New players will know who to ask questions to, and more experienced players will be able to direct, but never control other players.

"So how do you 'Level up'? Killing scorpions? Collecting bore pelts? Love is about playing together and who better to judge your progress than your fellow players?

"The game will give you the standing you deserve by co-operating with other players," he added. "Your standing will also change depending on who is online. No matter how nice you have been to others, you will need to earn the respect of the players you are actually playing with to gain standing."

On the topic of resource gathering, Steenberg said a new token type would have been the natural way to expand. He, however, preferred an "entirely new system".

"Players will be able to mine and harvest rare materials that can be used to make new tools and upgrade tokens. It will also be possible to trade these materials to form the basis of a monetary system," he explained.

AVAIL will be free, as is the plan for all future Love expansions. There's no release date; Steenberg said the game engine and servers need upgrading first and there will likely be patches adding player lists and outpost monoliths arriving first.

Love, beautiful and unique, is an MMO built by one man. But is it any good? Eurogamer put Love to the test in January.

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