Lost Planet heading to PS3

Good times are here again!

Capcom's Gamers Day event in London brings word that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is on its way to PlayStation 3 in "early 2008".

Well, technically it doesn't bring word itself - we were given the impression all the Gamers Day stuff was embargoed until tomorrow, but since semi-official Sony blog Three Speech is reporting the Lost Planet bit, we're not holding back either.

Word is that you will be able to take part in 16-player battles over PlayStation Network, with all the bits released since the Xbox 360 version came out in January bundled into the box from day one.

Can't remember much about Lost Planet? Good thing we have Xbox 360 and PC gamepages then really, isn't it?

Can't be bothered to click through? Well, you really are a handful. Alright - it's a third-person shooter set on a snowy world overrun with space pirates and monsters, and you're on some sort of mission to avenge your father's death, with the odd mech to help you on your way.

Look out for more Capcom-related news soon.

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