Logitech unveils ridiculous GHWT guitar

Authentic materials, 250 dollars please.

Peripheral perfectionist Logitech has unveiled a ridiculously lavish guitar for Guitar Hero World Tour.

This Premiere Edition peripheral features a wooden neck, rosewood fingerboard, metal frets, metal tuning pegs, a one-piece contoured shape and crimson body.

More importantly, for us at least, are quiet buttons - using some noise-reducing rubber keyboard technology - and a touch-sensitive neck slider.

This, one of the new features in Guitar Hero World Tour, allows you to slide a digit up and down the fret instead of fingering hairy passages - represented in-game by a funny line joining the notes together.

This Premiere Edition guitar is also wireless and comes with a gig bag to protect the instrument as well as store the USB receiver and game disc.

But what does this all cost? Well, USD 249.99. That's 160 English pounds, which is roughly how much an entire set of Guitar Hero World Tour instruments plus game will cost upon November release - and the RedOctane guitar seemed pretty good to us. And light.

You can catch our full review of Guitar Hero World Tour on Monday, whereas this silly old guitar is not out in the US until December.

Logitech, incidentally, was announced as a Guitar Hero peripheral maker back in August. We expect some rather fancy equipment.

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