Lode Runner for XBLA in the works

Completely renovated.

Microsoft has wooed fans by revealing a completely renovated version of Lode Runner for Live Arcade.

The infectiously addictive Apple II game from 1983 is being reworked by developer Tozai, which is adding 3D scenery to clamber around as well as co-operative and competitive multiplayer for up to four of you.

Also being popped in, according to Gamespot, is a text timeline to fill us in on the history of Loderunner in its 25 years since launch, picking out things like ports to numerous other platforms. Sounds like we're not the only ones who read Wikipedia.

Date and price are yet to be mentioned, and no one knows whether a level editor will feature, not even that chatty chap in the deli round the corner who makes nice pasta.

Pop in to our Lode Runner gallery to see the first screenshots.

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