Linkin Park single debuting in MOH


EA has secured the worldwide debut of Linkin Park's new single "The Catalyst" for a Medal of Honor video.

The vid will be aired on 1st August - one day before its release on iTunes, radio, et al. - and contains a mixture of game and band footage. Linkin Park's Joe Hahn directed.

"The Catalyst" song will appear on the Medal of Honor soundtrack when the game is released on 15th October.

"I've personally known the band since 1999, and they have always been an intensely creative group who understand the power of videogames and have wanted to explore and expand the medium's possibilities," commented EA's music man Steve Schnur.

Linkin Park's Joe Hahn talked about a "new bond" between "EA, our fans and the band's overall vision for the new digital frontier".

Medal of Honor, like Call of Duty, has had enough of Nazis, and has traded World War II for the political hotbed of Afghanistan. Eurogamer choppered into the multiplayer beta last month.

EA's even produced a teaser for the Linkin Park video.

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