Let's Tap out in Europe this summer

Yuji Naka's latest Wii game heads west.

SEGA has announced that Let's Tap is due for release on Wii this summer in Europe and North America.

Already out in Japan, Let's Tap is the first game from former Sonic Team boss Yuji Naka's Prope studio to head west.

And anybody expecting a garish platformer is going to be surprised when they see the larger-the-usual box, which is meant to serve as a surface upon which to play the game. The idea is to place the Wiimote face down on top of it and then tap the cardboard. Let's Tap then measures vibrations.

Said vibrations, of course, feed into mini-games, of which you get five. There's Tap Runner, where you drum your fingers to make stickmen run through an obstacle course, and there's Silent Blocks, which is a bit like Jenga.

There's also Bubble Voyager, a simple mech shoot-'em-up, Rhythm Tap, which is a fairly standard rhythm-action game, and Visualiser, which is less of a game and more of a light show based on the vibrations.

Look out for our import review of Let's Tap and an interview with Yuji Naka in the near future.

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