Leisure Suit Larry to return this spring

Codemasters picks up the licence.

It looks like the latest Leisure Suit Larry title will see the light of day after all, THANK GOODNESS.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust was originally due to be released by Vivendi before the company merged with Activision Blizzard last July. Astonishingly Activizzard declined to pick up the title, and cast Larry out.

Following what must have been an insane bidding war, Codemasters is now set to publish the game. According to a new page on the company's website, Box Office Bust will be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this spring.

This time around, Larry is a movie mogul. He sends his nephew, Larry Lovage, to spy on a rival movie studio who he is convinced is spying on him. Or something.

We're promised "hilarious mini-games" and an all-new director's mode so you can create your own "side-splitting movie sequences". There are also "ridiculous rip-offs of classic movies" including "Bytanic, Beefcake Mountain and Horror Coffin". The game features the voices of Carmen Electra and Shannon Elizabeth.

Thank you, Codemasters. THANK YOU.

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