LEGO Indiana Jones 2 co-op due soon

LucasArts whipping up a patch for PS3/360.

LucasArts has said that a patch to add online co-operative play to LEGO Indiana Jones 2 will be released in "a few weeks".

"I've noticed everyone wants online co-op with LEGO Indy 2. Give it a few weeks - we're working on a patch for 360 and PS3 as I type this!" somebody wrote on the company Twitter (thanks Kotaku).

Another criticism - as voiced in our own, otherwise-positive review of LEGO Indy 2 - has been a lack of online sharing options for the LEGO Builder side of the game.

That won't be remedied by the co-op patch, but LucasArts did add that "you'll be able to join others as they build and play their levels".

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 came out in Europe last Friday for every format under the sun, boasting a surprisingly radical overhaul to the game structure and stretching the addition of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull content to match the depth of the original three film adaptations.

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