Left 4 Dead DLC will be free

Night of the giving dead.

Valve has announced that the upcoming springtime downloadable content for Left 4 Dead on PC and Xbox 360 will be free.

The Survival Pack, confirmed last week, introduces a new game mode called Survival and enables Versus mode for the Death Toll and Dead Air campaigns.

The launch will also coincide with a remastered "Critic's Choice Edition" for shops, featuring the original game and all the new downloadable extras.

The fact Valve doesn't plan to charge for DLC may be unusual, but it will come as no surprise to long-time admirers of the Washington-based developer, which has repeatedly rejected premium downloads.

"You buy the product, you get the content," Team Fortress 2 designer Robin Walker explained to Eurogamer prior to that game's release.

"We make more money because more people buy it, not because we try and nickel-and-dime the same customers." Quite so.

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