Konami reveals Driift for WiiWare

Super Off Road-style racer.

Konami has whipped the wrappers off Driift, a WiiWare game due for release in July.

Driift looks a lot like Super Off Road, the C64/Amiga/NES/everything else game from 1989. It's top-down and has up-to eight people racing around one-screen courses that are themed cityscape, hills, snow and desert oasis. There are plenty of jumps and obstacles, and winners will need to smash and crash their way to the front.

Expect cartoon visuals, 32 vehicles across four classes and a medley of Wiimote/nunchuk control methods.

Aside from single- and multiplayer championships and team races there will be a VIP mode where teams protect one car each and a Contamination mode where one person must infect the others within the time limit.

There's also a Cold Potato mode where players must keep hold of the brown vegetable and a Meteorite mode where burning rocks plummet down.

Konami makes no mention of price.

Head over to our Driift gallery for some pictures.

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