Konami on PES PS3 issues

Workarounds and apologies.

Konami says it is working on fixes for a number of issues specific to the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

Online gameplay quality, stuttering graphics and game freezes are all addressed in the latest update to the publisher's online FAQ, which also suggests some short-term solutions while they work on proper fixes.

For example, people experiencing "stuttering" are very likely "not playing the game in high definition", it says here. "The solution to this problem is to play the game on an HDTV with an HDMI or component cable and the PS3 set to output in 720p resolution or above." (Er.) Calm down though, because they are "continuing to work on finding a solution for those people who do not have access to an HDTV".

What about online gameplay? "We have uncovered issues which affect online gameplay quality of PES 2008," the FAQ says. "We are working at full strength to find a solution as quickly as possible. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience."

Meanwhile, if you're having problems with the game freezing in the Master League or when starting a match, you're advised that these issues mainly present themselves when the game has been installed to the hard disk. In the Master League's case, a combination of auto-saving and hard disk storage causes problems, so turning off auto-save is a short-term workaround, while matches freezing up are apparently down to a mixture of hard-disk install and players with camera-customised appearance - something you can dodge by playing PES 2008 without installing the game to the hard disk.

For more on all this, including some PC fixes, keep an eye on the FAQ. To find out how the game actually plays (if and when, etc), check out our PES 2008 review.

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