Koch fits WWII strategy on PSP, DS

Advance Wars-like. Axis forces playable.

Koch will squash World War II strategy onto PSP and DS this calendar quarter with Military History Commander - Europe at War.

This will coincide with a enhanced PC version offering quick-play multiplayer scenarios, a better frame-rate, smarter AI and improved stability on Windows XP and Vista.

Europe at War is a turn-based affair played out on a hexagonal campaign grid with little cartoon characters. You can control either Allied or Axis forces, and tweak recruitment, diplomacy and reconnaissance strategies until victorious.

There's plenty of technology to research, we're told, and historical scenarios such as D-Day and Operation Barbarossa to re-enact.

This should also be the first of a Military History Commander series for Koch.

On handheld, it looks a little like Advance Wars, too, if the first PSP and DS screenshots are anything to go by.

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