King's Bounty add-on in the works

Interesting Russian RPG in demand.

Russian developer Katauri is hard at work on an expansion to well-received PC tactical RPG King's Bounty: The Legend.

Dubbed Armored Princess, the add-on will centre around the titular female and her search for renowned knight and tutor Bill Gilbert. And she'll be accompanied on her travels by a tamed dragon, and a horse that has a chance to turn into Pegasus and fly. What a show off.

Additionally, there will be fast travel between continents, medals for achievements, companions for hire, a new Pangolin race, levelling to 50 and beyond - plus a new engine, skills, spells and bosses.

You'll need the original King's Bounty game to play, and there's no release date for Armored Princess as of yet.

King's Bounty: The Legend is a bit of a treasure, and a remake of the 1990 King's Bounty videogame regarded as a predecessor to the Heroes of Might & Magic series. As such, you'll spot many similarities, both in mechanics and in settings.

Subsequently, the game has caused enough of a stir to warrant our attention. You can expect our thoughts on King's Bounty: The Legend soon.

Retail copies of the game seem rather hard to track down, with Play the only local online shop mentioning the title at all, albeit as a February 2009 release.

The best place, then, to pick up King's Bounty: The Legend, seems to be on digital delivery sites such as GamersGate or Direct2Drive. Incidentally, the US and UK versions come with SecuROM protection.

Meanwhile, pop into our King's Bounty: The Legend gallery for an idea of what to expect.

There's plenty more information on the King's Bounty official website, too.

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