Kingdom Under Fire demo on Live

Play through two stages.

Microsoft has released a European 1.2GB demo of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom onto Xbox Live.

In it, you can battle through two stages of Act 1 as Kendal or Leinhart.

Developed by Blueside, Circle of Doom is a mixture of action and role-playing genres, where players take up the roles of various heroes on randomly generated maps, developing their abilities and weaponry with experience.

There's also a four-player co-op mode which Microsoft seems to be very excited about.

It's already out in the US, and if you have somehow come to import it since its arrival then you might like to know that the developers will be playing online tomorrow night from 6pm to midnight ET, with details on

Otherwise, you might like to know that the full game's due out on 1st February. Watch out for our review closer to then.

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