Just Cause 2 DLC this month and next

Two packs add planes and weapons.

Square Enix has announced plans to release a pair of downloadable add-ons for Just Cause 2 - one at the end of April and another at the end of May.

The two packs will be 1.99 and 160 Microsoft Points apiece on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live respectively. A PC version will also be sold through Steam for 1.99.

The first, the Black Market Aerial Pack, is due out on 29th April and introduces the F-33 Dragon Fly Jet Fighter (a plane with twin missiles and quad-mounted mini-guns), the Multi-lock Missile Launcher (laser-guided auto-lock on up to four targets) and the hopefully self-explanatory Parachute Dual Thrusters.

The Black Market Boom Pack, meanwhile, is out on 25th May and offers up the Quad Rocket Launcher, Cluster Bomb Launcher and Air Propulsion Gun. The latter's apparently useful for sending enemies and vehicles skywards.

Just Cause 2 is available now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and we rather liked it. Check out our Just Cause 2 review to find out why.

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