Invaluable career advice at EG Expo

Don't just play games all day.

Next week's Eurogamer Expo - have we mentioned that? - is set to offer you invaluable advice on the videogames industry and how to become part of it.

We're doing this with special career sessions, which take place throughout the day on Tuesday 28th October.

These sessions, free for visitors to the EG Expo or Career Fair, are hosted by industry experts and offer insight and practical advice about their world.

Speakers include John Nash from Blitz Games, who will be illustrating how important traditional art skills are in videogames; David Wise, senior musician at Rare, who will be talking about composing for games; and Paul Wedgwood from Splash Damage, who will be detailing his history from mod maker to a full-time game developer.

There's only as many places as there are spaces, so arrive punctually or face sitting on somebody's lap.

Job-seekers will also want to keep an eye out for the BAFTA surgery sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. There's no blood involved, just honest one-on-one advice from staff at THQ, Crytek, SEGA, Rare and others. Space, as ever, will be hotly contested, so get over to the BAFTA stand early and put your name down.

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