Infernal demo released

"Not your standard WWII shooter".

If you fancy restoring the balance between Heaven and Hell, you'd better download the new demo for Infernal, a third-person PC shooter from Eidos.

In it you'll get a chance to play through an early mission that starts in the basement of a cloister, which also serves as a tutorial.

The game, developed by Polish studio Metropolis, tells the story of a battle for power between Etherlight, the Earthly representative of Heaven, and its counterpoint Abyss, representing Hell. Tsk, that old yarn.

You'll play as Ryan Lennox, who will use a mixture of stealth, supernatural powers, big booming weapons and dynamic environments to uncover what's going on in an engrossing storyline.

Its stunning graphics and Ageia PhysX support are what set it apart from other shooters on the market, apparently.

"It's not your standard run of the mill World War II shooter that you see lots of these days," a spokesperson from Eidos told Eurogamer. "It looks completely different with the Ageia PhysX in there. They've got all the lighting effects in there, the fire looks just unbelievable."

So, go and decide for yourself, by downloading the new demo. Then, while you leave it to "sinner", why not head over to the game's website for more information?

Infernal is due out on PC in Q1 2007.

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