IGN Dragon Age 2 report debunked

BioWare shoots down dialogue claims.

BioWare has corrected an error-riddled IGN preview of Dragon Age 2, explaining that there are more than three dialogue choices per conversation.

"I'm not really sure where the 'there are only three options for dialogue' impression they got came from," wrote Mike Laidlaw, lead DA2 designer, on the BioWare forum.

"Perhaps it was when I showed one half of the dialogue wheel with three options which, you know, leaves another half open for, you know, other options."

"Also probably worth noting that we're not locked into specific icons per place in the wheel. Oh no. We have much more flexibility than that. We're like gymnasts."

BioWare developer Craig Graff added that there are up to five "choice" options and five "investigate" options "per dialogue node". He explained that there was a difference between choices when you're deciding something and choices when you want to express yourself.

"I imagine that's the only dialogue he saw?" chipped-in lead writer David Gaider. "The demo is pretty action-packed and there's only the one conversation which, yes, has three options in it. As has been said elsewhere in this thread, however, that's not all we're limited to.

"The personality options (which the article mis-characterises, I'm afraid - they may have been more his impression of the lines he saw rather than our explanation of them) have a bit more complexity as to what they affect. That's probably part of a larger conversation, however, so we'll talk about it at length later."

IGN originally reported that Dragon Age 2 conversations were restricted to three dialogue choices and each of those were signposted by a good, evil or "badass" icon.

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