id Mobile outlines IP strategy

Plans to alternate, Wolf DS first.

John Carmack reckons that id Software's new mobile division will alternate between new and existing IP and that its first project will be a "mobile/DS Wolfenstein-type title".

"After that, we'll do an original title on the mobile, and what happens after that will determine how we go from there," the veteran developer told Gamasutra.

id's new mobile division - the inventively named id Mobile - is headed up by Carmack's wife, Katherine Anna Kang, and she confirmed that an on-off strategy for new IP is the current preferred option for her new outfit.

"I think the general idea is that we definitely want to make games for the known Id IP - Doom and Wolfenstein - but what we will probably be doing is something between the two," she said in the same interview.

"One year a known IP, the next year a new IP, and back and forth. We have a lot of great ideas that haven't been explored yet, and we're really excited and interested. We're also excited to be bringing the classics onto the cell phone or DS."

id recently launched Orcs & Elves - already a success on mobiles - for DS, with Electronic Arts publishing the game in Europe on 16th November.

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