I Am Alive, Conviction, R.U.S.E delayed

Ubisoft spreads 'em.

Ubisoft ambitious survival game I Am Alive won't be released until sometime in or after April 2011.

The publisher had been sticking to a fiscal 2010 (April 2010 - March 2011) release-plan, although staff from developer Darkworks suggested otherwise.

But Darkworks was booted off the project early last year and I Am Alive handed to Ubisoft's new Shanghai studio to complete, which may go some way to explaining the hold-up.

Ubisoft has also delayed the release of Splinter Cell: Conviction and R.U.S.E. The former, Sam Fisher's latest adventure - itself years in the making thanks to a development overhaul - had been within reaching distance and penned for release on 26th February. R.U.S.E. too had been awaiting further orders on a Q1 2010 release.

But nuh-uh, snapped Ubisoft, whose latest forecast sees both games slung into fiscal 2010, which means sometime after 1st April 2010 and before 31st March 2011.

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