Hellgate pricing still undetermined

Subs are only one option - Roper

Having talked yesterday about the inclusion of a subsciption-based MMO mode for Hellgate: London, Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper is now saying it's only one of the options being explored.

"If you want lots of great continual content, and all of the services, we'll have to figure out how to do that," Roper told Shacknews, still unsure as to how they'll continue to fund developers post-launch. "For us, it's complex. It has to work together globally, and with three different publishers."

He's quick to point out that the game will definitely include a free online mode, but that's unlikely to offer the entire MMO-style package. Exactly how we'll get our hands on all of the features is still unclear, whether we'll see some form of membership fee, subscription plan, or perhaps paid-for downloadable content like Oblivion.

Hellgate: London will feature a full single-player campaign as well as this recently announced MMO element. Co-publisher EA is adamant that no final decision has been made regarding the online pricing model, with details expected to emerge in the next month or two.

For more information, head over to the game's website.

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