Heavy Rain's vital statistics

Script length, cast size, more.

One of the fascinating things about Heavy Rain - previewed on Eurogamer today - is its reliance on development studio head David Cage, who wrote the massive script single-handedly, and motion capture. On a recent excursion to see the game in development, we noted down a few of the more interesting stats in its creator's presentation. We thought you might enjoy them, so here they are:

The script

  • 2,000 pages long
  • 60 scenes, each about 15-20 minutes long, most, but not all of which you see on any play-through
  • 40,000 words of non-linear dialogue
  • Based on 6,000 pages of notes and references
  • 15 months in development

The art design

  • Two weeks scouting for locations on the East Coast of the USA
  • 15 months of design by ten people
  • Photos, topographical gameplay maps, sketches of every item, paintings of every scene

The outsourcing to Asia

  • Over 100 people involved outside Quantic Dream
  • 480 man-months of work
  • Based on an "outsourcing bible" and "level architect blueprints"

The motion capture

  • All done on-site at Quantic Dream in Paris
  • 170 days of shooting across nine months
  • Over 70 actors and stuntmen involved
  • Casting sessions in Paris and London
  • 30,000 unique animations recorded
preview of Heavy Rain for PS3

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