Heatseeker Reader Review

Since the controls have such a daunting learning curve, I'm not what you�d call enamoured with flight simulations. I'd much rather play a flight game that allows me to perform fancy corkscrews immediately and watch in glorious slow motion, as my prey violently blows to pieces.

Heatseeker is one such game, giving me the immediately and exhilaration that I, umm�seek.

Up on starting the game, you must choose a control scheme. Professional is the hardest to get to grips with, but still not as tricky as your usual po-faced simulation, whilst the arcade type, allows you to control your plane via one stick as opposed to two, naturally I chose this one.

After you've made your choice, the excitement begins.

Heatseeker has eighteen missions, which largely involve blowing things up or protecting a friendly. It has to be said that the blowing things up business is supremely satisfying all thanks to some beautiful explosions and the grin inducing addition of the impact cam, which is a randomly triggered cutaway, showing an obliterated plane going to its fiery death.

Generally the first few missions require you to simply just blast enemy planes out of the skies. Doing so isn't difficult, in fact the games challenge doesn�t really pick up until a good few missions in, which will then task you with juggling multiple objectives at once or protecting convoys from heavy enemy attacks. Thankfully there's a friendly checkpoint system, which keeps frustration levels relatively low.

All of the missions have three bonus objectives, none of these have to be achieved, but doing so does reward you with new weapon sets and new planes, so it's well worth the effort to carry them out and will perhaps expand the length of the game for those looking to accomplish every one of these tasks, since the game has no form of multiplayer, this is a godsend.

The games graphics, whilst not really impressive in a technological sense, still provide plenty of appeal. Everything is pleasantly bright, explosions are satisfying, the sensation of speed is fantastic and the game has a brilliant arcade look, one which I'd take over a photo realistic appearance any day of the week.

Tremendous explosions, accessible controls, immediate thrills and an appealing, vibrant look. For those looking for an arcade style plane game, Heatseeker is a grin inducing thrill ride.

8 / 10


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