Heart association teaming with Nintendo

Announcement due this afternoon.

Nintendo and the American Heart Association plan to make a joint announcement at a press conference in New York today.

The event kicks off at 10am EST (3pm in old money) and lasts for 90 minutes, with the promise of "top executives" from both sides.

Neither party has said what the announcement will be, although speculation is rife around the internet that it may be something to do with the elusive Vitality Sensor, introduced briefly at E3 last year.

Since the launch of DS, and Wii in particular, Nintendo has created a number of games dedicated to improving mental and physical health, including the enormously successful Brain Training and Wii Fit series.

The first instalment of the latter has sold over 22 million units worldwide.

Nintendo has also courted a number of health organisations during that time, in order to distance DS and Wii from the traditional image of gamers as sedentary, crisp-scoffing manatees with resting pulse rates in the high hundreds.

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