Harrison hints at TV downloads

"Very shortly," even.

Sony worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison has dropped serious hints about downloadable TV content for PlayStation 3.

"I think PlayStation 3 needs to stand for gaming and digital entertainment in the living room pushing the envelope of high definition, pushing the envelope of broadband, and of course that includes more than just games," he told 1UP.

"We don't have the announcements that you're probably looking for today, but it is digital data. We have a hard drive, we have a commerce engine, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we will have that on the network very shortly."

That would put PlayStation 3 on a similar footing to the US Xbox 360 Video Marketplace service, which already offers downloadable TV shows and film content in standard and high-definition formats to its US customers.

Sony has been making big noises recently about iterating the services offered through PS3's online store, which will hopefully mean that we see things like background downloading by the time the console launches in Europe on 23rd March.

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