Happy Tree Friends for XBLA next week

Like Lemmings but much more gory.

SEGA has confirmed to Eurogamer that Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm will be on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday.

This is the Lemmings-like take on the Happy Tree Friends cartoon, which is all about cute and cuddly animals causing lots of bloody carnage.

The idea is to find and rescue trapped friends and guide them to safety by laying down fire or explosives or freezing stuff or by generally interacting with things.

There are 10 levels to clear in total, but sadly no multiplayer to stretch things out.

Developer Stainless has made the game with help from the cartoon makers, so everything will be very authentic. Plus, there will even be an exclusive episode of the series included. And it's based on videogames.

"If you like cute, cuddly animals meeting grisly deaths," creator Kenn Navarro told XCN, "then you should play something else.

"Our game is all about helping, sharing and giving with the occasional spinning saw blade accident or electro shock mishap. There's only as much blood in Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm as there is in your local butcher shop. And hopefully more comedy."

SEGA is yet to mention a price.

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