Halo Wars demo details

Tutorials, campaign and skirmish maps.

Microsoft has detailed the contents of the 5th February demo for Halo Wars, and said it will be available from 9am GMT.

The demo will include optional beginner and advanced tutorials to help you get to grips with Ensemble's take on RTS-for-console controls.

After that, or straight away if you prefer, you can then play through the first two missions from the story mode.

Not only that, but the demo includes Chasms, one of the game's 14 multiplayer maps, which can be played in skirmish mode versus AI that plays as either the UNSC (Captain Cutter) or the Covenant (Prophet of Regret).

Halo Wars is due out in Europe on 27th February, with a limited edition version (sweetened by the inclusion of the Halo 3 "Mythic Map Pack") out on the same day for more money.

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