Halo Wars add-on in "coming weeks"

DLC expands modes, Achievements.

Microsoft has unveiled the first add-on for Halo Wars titled Strategic Options, which is due sometime in the "coming weeks" and offers three new modes and four new Achievements.

A specific date and price, however, are still under wraps. "Regarding the price and the date confirmation, we don't have any details to share at this time," a spokesperson for the platform holder told Eurogamer this afternoon. "Please stay tuned for further announcements."

Keepaway mode is a twist on Capture the Flag and involves two teams racing to capture three free-roaming Sentinels. Tug of War totals a combination of army, buildings and resources remaining at the end of a battle to declare a winner. And Reinforcement mode provides ever-changing waves of units that require quick-thinking to use effectively and outlast the enemy with.

The Achievements add-up to 100 Gamerpoints. One and Done (30) is awarded for scoring the winning Keepaway point against Legendary difficulty AI; Pull Hard, Pull Deep (20) is gifted for winning and never trailing during Tug of War; Freak on a Streak (20) can be gotten after getting 15 population from a single Reinforcement wave; and Living Loving Bug (30) is dished out to players who obtain a Scarab during a Reinforcement match.

Halo Wars spread the rabidly-followed IP into the RTS genre earlier this year, and has become the best-selling console game of its type ever.

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