Guilty Gear for Wii in February

Arm-waggle controls: check.

505 Games has proudly revealed that it will be bringing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core to the Wii in February.

It is an update of the most recent arcade instalment in the popular 2D arcade fighting series, which will now let you wave your arms around like a bird in order to pull off special attacks.

Accent Core also comes with various improvements like new character artwork and music, as well as re-recorded voices for the cast of 20 fighters, and some fancy new special moves.

There's Force Break that uses up a quarter of your Tension Gauge, Slashback that parries with a reduced block stun, and Slip Throws that bizarrely make your enemies stick to the wall or slide across the floor.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core has already appeared in both America and Japan on Wii and PS2. The PS2 version has scored well so far, too, although thoughts on the Wii version are still scarce as it was only released this week.

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