GTHD Concept on 23rd March

Free from PS3 online store.

Gran Turismo HD Concept will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on 23rd March, Sony has announced, to coincide with the European launch of PlayStation 3.

It will be free to digitally snatch, and will let you race around the Eiger Nordwand track in the Swiss Alps until your heart is content, either ploughing around the course the normal way, like a sane person, or in reverse, like a weirdo.

Complete it in various set times and you'll be able to unlock all of the nine cars in the game, including a Ferrari 599, which presumably is shiny, fast, and makes good rumbling noises.

Get a really good time and you'll be automatically entered into an online leaderboard, ranking the best players from around the world: "We expect a lot of dedication to be put in," said Sony.

Sony and developer Polyphony previously announced they were scrapping plans for a full version of GTHD and focusing on GT5 instead. The result of which is this 'concept' demo, a taster of what we can expect when the full Gran Turismo next-gen title revs its engines sometime in the future.

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