GTA MMO is "highly doable" - R*

Bossman reckons it's the Holy Grail.

Rockstar founder Sam Houser has said he's very keen on the idea of a Grand Theft Auto-themed MMO.

Speaking to EGM magazine, as reported by, Houser said a GTA MMO would be "very, very doable" and is a "very, very compelling proposition". Later on in the article, he refers to a subscription-based console MMO as "the Holy Grail".

So Houser's clearly up for it. In the meantime there's Grand Theft Auto IV, coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 29th. Not to mention PC and 360 title All Points Bulletin, from the developer of Crackdown, looking much like a GTA MMO in all but name. Realtime Worlds boss Dave Jones showed the title off at this year's GDC, and it's looking rather impressive.

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