GTA IV better on 360 - Rockstar

More complete experience.

Rockstar has said Xbox 360 gamers will get a better Grand Theft Auto IV experience.

It was detailing the differences in the two console versions and refusing to get caught up in the crossfire, when it accidentally let slip its preference.

"They're identical games. We're not hardware makers, and we're not like a pawn between these companies, we try not to be as much as we can. We make great games for people to enjoy on whichever system they want," spokesperson Hosi Simon told Games Radar.

"But I guess if you want the complete experience with the episodes, then yeah, you should buy the 360, I suppose." Whoops.

He was referring to two episodes that will build on the GTA IV experience exclusively on Xbox 360 - the same ones MS reportedly paid USD 50 million for. The first of these is expected to be available around March 2008.

Grand Theft Auto IV is due for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 on 19th October.

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