GripShift PS3 arrives in Europe

With online stats and a low price.

Those of you wondering where the rather splendid GripShift was on the PlayStation Network launch list will be pleased to learn that it turned up after all.

New Zealand (good country) based developer Sidhe sent word that the game is available to buy through the PlayStation Store in Europe and Australia, for a frankly brilliant introductory price of EUR 7.99.

GripShift - once an underrated PSP game - really comes into its own on PS3 thanks to a range of instantly-accessible online leaderboards that inject real competition into every track. A mixture of racing, puzzling and platforming, it's moreish to the point of being slightly debilitating.

You can read more about how it works in our GripShift review, and Sidhe is keen to point out that it continues to add new features to the game, and has even expanded its website to allow you to browse leaderboards there.

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