GRAW2 devs on Live this week

Playing their game. Show-offs.

Ever fancied beating up a developer? Right: there he is, officer! Get him!

Now he's out of the way, perhaps you'd be interested in a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 developer showdown on Xbox Live this coming Thursday? Thought you might.

Red Storm will be out in force, with Christian Allen (creative director), Chris Bray (lead multiplayer designer) and Prince Arrington (associate producer) popping realistic caps between 7pm and 9pm GMT on 5th April.

All you need to do to get involved is add the following gamertags to your friends list and then show up and see if you've been invited to a game: UbisoftDev1, UbisoftDev2, UbisoftDev3, UbisoftDev4.

And let us know how you do. We're bored of stories about how you beat Kristan at Virtua Tennis - even I can do that now.

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