Grandia III Reader Review

The Good: + Maybe the Best Character-Acting Iīve seen until today + Still the best Fighting-System + Awesome Graphic-Design + nice Storyline + Harder then the other parts

The Bad: - MANY Fights - Not much Secrets to find...

First off,Iīm a biiiig Grandia-Fan since I played the first on the on the Saturn.The easy,funny and often a bit surprising and touching Storyline combined with the best Fighting-System Iīve seen until today made me play it again and again.Iīm happy that itīdidnīt change.This is the first "real" Grandia-part for a Sony-Console(letīs forget Xtreme) and since itīs no port it runs finally smooth.Game Arts just canīt make ports.

The Graphics are absoluely awesome.While the in-Battle-Graphics are just a bit over Standard,the whole surrounding stuff is made really detailed and has the typical Grandia-Style.The Cutscenes are most in "Better-in-Game-Graphics".The Special about it is that the way the Characters act looks much more realistic then in the most Anime-Movies!

The Sound is pretty good.While the Music is between ok and great (like in every Grandia...) the Voices are really perfectly chosen and mixed.They fit just perfect!That only happens once every 5 Years,I think..

The Storyline itself is not really anything special at all but nice.The whole Character-acting and humor easily beats it out.It stays entertaining till the end,which jou canīt say from every RPG out there.

The Gameplay basically stayed the same.You walk around in search for items,if you see an Enemy you try to hit him first so you get advantage in the Battle.If the Enemy getīs you from behind,youīre in disadvantage. In the Battle has nothing really changed.The only really new is the option to give you small hints to cancel dangerous hits.Very useful,because the game is from time to time much harder then the other parts. That comes from the high number of enemys that appear in a place.

Many people said that the Game is too short,but if you want to beat every enemy that you meet (like me) you can spend pretty much time with it. There are no really hidden Items or secret places to find,but thatīs ok.At least you can fly through the Map with your Plane from time to time.

So...: Everybody who loves good,entertaining RPGs definetly wonīt come around it.Fans of the Series got it anyway already at home.For all others who donīt play RPGs not that much should at least take a look,because the awesome Fighting-System sometimes looks more like a Beatīem up,even if itīs Turn-Based.

9 / 10

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