Godfather 2 in development?

Money men spill beans.

A financial analysis of EA's bank vaults has let slip that Godfather 2 is in development.

The paper was put together by Nollenberger Capital Partners to help investors make tricky decisions, and was based on going behind the scenes at the publishing giant.

"Interestingly, we learned that EA is leveraging the significant amount of development time and costs that went into The Godfather game," it read. "The open-world engine was built from the ground up for Godfather, and is now being used by five different franchises, including The Simpsons."

"Godfather 2 is also in development currently, though timing is unknown."

Although EA wasn't able to comment on any of this, it shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise, given that executive producer David DeMartini told the BBC last year that it planned to do second and third instalments.

Nothing has been said about platforms or content, but we expect next/current/whatever-you-want-to-call-it generation consoles will be the focus and that the sandbox third-person gameplay will return.

What would you like to see this time around?

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