Gizmondo 2 seen, on track for year's end

But you know, we'll believe it when we see it.

The fabled Gizmondo 2 has been seen and is on schedule to begin selling this year, according to Media Power, the company behind the second coming.

Boss Richard Jenkins met with journalist Hans Sandberg and showed him the new model, which sticks rigidly to the old design but boasts a better battery and new NVIDIA graphics.

Jenkins said the deal with the Chinese manufacturer was sorted and could easily be ramped up to cope with - wait for it - consumer demand in 2009.

However, the vaunted price of USD 99 may have been a touch ambitious. "We're working on the price," explained Jenkins.

The Gizmondo 2 will offer a choice of Google operating system Android or Windows CE, and aims to act as a games platform, media player, camera, SMS and MMS messager. No phone calls, mind you.

We're told to expect a "really cool" website to order the Gizmondo 2 from sometime in mid-October. Hopefully they won't buy a decommissioned missile, paint "Sony" on it and plant it outside their offices this time. That wouldn't help.

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