Get two weeks of free Metaboli

Claim your key now.

Eurogamer is holding hands with Metaboli again and offering you lot two weeks of free membership to the games on demand service.

It means those of you anxious you can't afford buckets of PC titles need worry no more, as over 150 will be at your disposal for the 14-day period.

You just pick which one you want to play and start downloading. It doesn't even have to finish transferring, as special technology we will never understand lets you begin playing when the core files are in place.

To join in, simply pop over to our lovely and welcoming Eurogamers community site and claim your key in our Metaboli giveaway.

We have 500 to dish out, so you had better pop your skates on. For a full list of what to expect, whisk over to the Essential Collection page and browse.

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