Get a free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 map

US cable company promoting itself.

US cable television company Comcast has struck a deal with Ubisoft to offer you a fresh Rainbow Six Vegas 2 map on 360 and PS3.

All you have to do to get it is traipse over to the official Comcast site for an activation code.

Once you have it, simply go to the main in-game menu, select "Extras", select "Comcast Gift" and punch in it in. Then voila, the Comcast Event map is yours.

It keeps giving us "Comcast Faster" as a code, and we're not sure why. Unfortunately we are without our copy of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to test this. And Ubisoft is unavailable to help us out.

Will you be our Guinea pig, Eurogamer reader?

Meanwhile, pop over to our Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review for an in-depth idea of what to expect.

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