Gears is coming to PC - Rein


Epic Games' Mark Rein has reiterated that Gears of War's Xbox 360 exclusivity is likely to come to an end at some point, but has once again refused to be drawn on when it might happen.

"I don't think that's any great secret that we would like to do it on PC, but for now it's a 360 game," he told TeamXbox. "Eventually we'll get around to a PC version. I just don't know when."

Gears PC has been rumoured for almost as long as the game's been in the public eye - with Microsoft's former evangelist-in-chief J Allard describing it as an "Xbox and PC" game way back in May 2005.

But Epic and Microsoft have shied away from that in recent months, asserting on several occasions that the game has not been confirmed for any other platform. Indeed, Rein was adamant on that front. Asked if he had "formally acknowledged" other versions, he said, "Nope. It's an Xbox 360 exclusive," before adding that the company would get round to it "eventually".

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