GDC: Tabula Rasa details

NCsoft shows us more.

NCsoft has released more information at GDC for Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, highlighting the features that hope to set this PC sci-fi MMO apart.

The game is set in the middle of a cosmic battle between evil invading aliens and the last free sentient beings, which means you lot. You'll be able to explore different planets with wild and varying environments, using fancy weapons and alien powers to survive extinction.

You'll instantly recognise familiar MMO mechanics, such as a persistent storyline, crafting abilities, and clans.

Where Tabula Rasa hopes to differentiate is with its fast-paced combat, blending first-person shooter gameplay with role-playing elements. Couple that with integrated voice chat, clan wars, and strategic battles, and the experience will be more like Battlefield than Warcraft.

Creator Garriott is confident of the game's success, predicting sales of at least a million when it's released later this year.

He'll be showing off a demo in San Francisco, and we'll also be cornering him for a chat. Expect to hear more soon.

Meanwhile you can view the latest trailer from the show, as well as the recently released screenshots.

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