GC: Quiz RedOctane's Kai Huang

You call the tune.

The battle of the gaming bands is upon us. While Guitar Hero is pounding groupies backstage, biting the the bat's head off the rhythm-action genre, a cocky young upstart has emerged, threatening to topple the veteran rocker from its perch of poodle-haired posturing.

When Guitar Hero III hits later this year, it'll be shredding straight into the path of EA's upcoming Rock Band (well, we hope) - created, of course, by original GH developer Harmonix.

For all you axe-wielding maniacs out there, here's your chance to quiz publisher RedOctane's boss Kai Huang about all things Guitar Hero. Got a question about musical direction? The online modes? New formats? New instruments? Whether he wants to smash a plastic guitar over Harmonix's head? Now's your chance.

We'll be duelling geetars with Huang this Thursday at Games Convention. And all you have to do to submit a question is sign up to the Eurogamer TV Show: You Ask, We Get Group on Eurogamers, and post it on there.

We'll select the best, tattoo them onto our arms Peter Moore-style, and shout them in Huang's face on Thursday, while imagining we're Slash, fret-wanking outside the church in the November Rain video. And then you might just see your name in the rock'n'roll hall of fame on a forthcoming episode of The EGTV Show.

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