Games outselling DVD and Blu-ray

Rise attributed to popularity of Wii, again.

Videogames are officially outselling DVD and Blu-ray in the shops, according to fact crunchers Media Control GfK International.

Sales of games were up by 20 per cent in 2008 to reach USD 32 billion. According to GfK this is all thanks to the success of the Wii. Meanwhile, combined DVD and Blu-ray sales were down by 6 per cent, amounting to a paltry USD 29 billion.

Gazing into its crystal ball, GfK predicted game sales will rise to account for 57 per cent of packaged media sales this year. The figure for 2008 stood at 53 per cent.

You can find yet more numbers and fortune telling over at, if that sort of thing makes you happy.

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