Galactic Command games

Split into three new titles.

3000AD has laser-sliced its space combat title Galactic Command into three separate games.

Galactic Command - Echo Squad will be the first of these. It's an episodic space-action title that follows a group of Elite Force Pilots assigned to the Excalibur carrier, the first instalment is expected exclusively for PC in Q2 2007.

Following at roughly a tractor-beam's distance is Galactic Command - Bravo Team, an FPS that centres on Elite Marines on a planetary star-base. Expect this chestnut in Q4 2007, and platform announcements in the summer.

Last but not least is Galactic Command - Excalibur. Like "Echo Squad" it's episodic and focuses on a team of pilots on the Excalibur craft, but it's built exclusively for Xbox 360 and the first game is due for release in Q2 2008.

Developer 3000AD announced Galactic Command as an episodic series for both PC and Xbox last December. You can pop into our gallery for the screenshots that accompanied the news, or head to Eurogamer TV to see the trailers.

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