Forza 3 adds Nurburgring today

Schumacher wrong move and you'll lose.

The superb Forza Motorsport 3 has expanded again today with a Nurburgring Grand Prix track pack.

It costs 400 Microsoft Points (3.40/4.80) and, as the title suggests, is based around Germany's famous Nurburgring course.

The full 3.22 mile circuit has been painstakingly replicated by Turn 10 as well as a short 2.24 mile sprint circuit.

In real life, Nurburgring was built in 1984 and hosts the wacky 1000km Nurburgring endurance race. The course also co-hosts the German Grand Prix.

What's more, it's probably been on Top Gear, and is in every racing game ever made.

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