Forza 2 demo this month - report

Ahead of launch in May.

We already know that Forza Motorsport 2 is due out next month, but now we're told to expect a demo version within the next few weeks.

That's according to the Official Xbox Magazine in the US, which says, "We're putting the Forza 2 demo up for download on Xbox Live Marketplace in April. And like all fully playable demos we give you, it's free." The ad doesn't point out whether it will be made available simultaneously to Silver and Gold Xbox Live subscribers or just Goldies.

It does, however, mention the game's "Auction House" feature, where you can upgrade, customise and "pimp out" your car and then auction it to other players who bid with in-game credits, and says that a pre-order campaign will offer up an exclusive car (a "Nissan 350 cover car").

Despite the apparent legitimacy of the report though, developer Turn 10 hasn't been rushing off its feet to confirm it, with community liaison Che Chou telling Forza forumites: "We're sending out a preview version of the game to game sites and magazines in the next couple of weeks. A demo for Xbox Live is also in the works, but won't be out until closer to the game's release (but hopefully before the game's release - no guarantees though)."

So, er, sounds like we're getting it even if you're not. For more exciting discussion about whether there's a demo, and whether the May issue of an official magazine would be running this as an April Fools (that sound is my HEAD), head over to the Forza forums. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and find out who has our Xbox 360 debug unit.

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