flOw PSP out for US on Thursday

Worming its way onto Memory Sticks.

Pulsating squiggly worm vanity explosion flOw is due out on PSP this Thursday, 6th March, via the North American PSN.

Sony UK has yet to get back to us about its European fate.

A missive from SCEA, reprinted by GameSpy, doesn't specify how much it will cost, but does you should be able to download it from the PSP Store for PC and the PS3 Store and then transfer it to your handheld.

The game, in which you pilot a sort of fishy embryo thing through layers of evolving goopy biosphere screensavers, is already available for PS3 owners.

Now though you can play ad-hoc wireless multiplayer with up to four people sitting there wondering what's going on.

Actually, we're just being dismissive for fun - we actually quite liked flOw, with Rich Leadbetter reporting that he couldn't "help but like it for what it is", adding that "its mere presence on the XMB often makes me load it up as a distraction during my working day". This must be why his feature's late.

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