Flip's Twisted World unveiled for Wii

Perspective-shifting puzzler from Majesco.

Majesco has unveiled perspective-altering platform-puzzle game Flip's Twisted World for Wii.

The full game will be out in January next year and we're told there will be a demo at E3. For now, however, we've only screenshots and a brief description to go by.

Flip's Twisted World follows the eponymous hero as he is sucked into and imprisoned in a crazy cube world. He'll need to find magical tools to escape, so players will need to twist the world using the Wiimote so Flip can navigate his way around, turning walls into ceilings and so on and so forth.

There are characters to meet along the way, plus optional side-quests offering alternate costumes and goodies. Videogame legend Tommy Tallarico will be doing the music, too.

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